When Kiryu decides to hire an extra employee to lighten the workload, Marina insists that he put his glasses on so that he doesn't scare the interviewee. "Samantha's in trouble. Yuki arrives late because she overslept and declines Ai's offer to do her hair, saying she doesn't want her hair to look like a pompadour with a seagull's nest in it. The business meeting with Yamanoi in chapter 5: Oda explains away Kiryu's familiarity with the Yakuza: If you miss the button prompt when giving Yamanoi your business card. When Majima decides to check out Club Mercury, Yuki asks him to grab some vinegar for her on the way. When I think about it,the sidequests in the original Yakuza 1 and 2 were fairly mundane for the most part. Still love the game. One of the first questions you can ask the first (male) interviewee is "What color is your underwear?" Saki realizes she's been working for. Feb 13, 2019 - Yakuza 0 Kuze boss fight (2nd encounter) on PS4 Pro in 1080p 60fps. How Majima meets the blind woman. He eventually comes to the conclusion that, When Majima gets to the place, he sees Jo Amon deciding what. The fact that as a kid, Ryuji Goda beat up high school punks and took off with their bontan pants. This pose can be immortalized as a golden statue in Kiryu's office after defeating the Five Billionaires. I bought Yakuza 0 last year and I thought it was dreadfully dated. Can't believe nobody has mentioned anything for the Cabaret Club. ...Especially when you fail the first 3-4 times and keep asking the poor woman to order another pizza. Afterwards, Miracle ends it with his special dance finisher (kick, spin, and pose), with Kiryu imitating it perfectly. The most hilarious part is the lengths Majima has to go to distract the audience. ... truly one of the saddest moments in all of the yakuza games. This is the unofficial subreddit for Sega's long-running game series, Yakuza, known in Japan as Ryū ga Gotoku. I lost it at that. The absurdity of those moments in the sidequests and revelations contrasts with the serious plot wonderfully, giving the … Upon completing Yuki's training, Majima and Youda learn that she's seeing someone outside of work, and while Majima's bummed at the idea she's gotten a boyfriend so quickly, they both fear it's someone duping her and taking advantage of her. The "Miracle on Tenkaichi Street" subquest, in which Kiryu reveals to Papillon Kato just how little he knows of the entertainment world. If "Yes, we're a family" is chosen, Kiryu glorifies telephone clubs, noting that all the callers are working towards the same goal, making them, "in that context", one big family. In a follow-up substory where Kiryu heads to the disco club where Miracle Johnson was secretly hiding out, he's challenged to a dance-off. At some point, Kiryu is challenged by a little girl named Mika who promises to become his girlfriend if he could beat her. That in itself would make for a completely serious scene... were it not for the, If you have a dark sense of humor, Kiryu's confrontation with Hiroki Awano, immediately after Kiryu's grueling second fight with Kuze, would fit the bill. What makes the scene is the utterly, Near the end of Chapter 4, Majima manages to help Makoto escape from the Yakuza forces hunting for her, hiding in a back alley. (Image credit: Deep Silver) Though people only seem to remember the 'dildo bat', this is a game that thrives in both broad, goofy nonsense and a sprinkling of quieter character moments. In the same substory, Youda keeps hammering that there's no way a plain flat-chested girl like Yuki could get a boyfriend and it's clearly a scam. In a more meta sense, the trophy you get after watching an erotic video? Oda, Before the meeting, when the two meet each other outside the cafe, Oda briefly berates Kiryu over his choice of suit, saying that he'd told Kiryu to pick something businesslike. It would've been great if the team added enemies on the way or made it similar to Yakuza 0 where the city became a battle ground. One includes a question about their greeting, which if you incorrectly answer with "Do the hustle". Yakuza: Like A Dragon - 5 Ways Ichiban Is Better Than Kiryu (And 5 Reasons Fans Want Kiryu Back) ... Share Share Tweet Email. Majima can shove him out of the way, grab it and use it for himself. it's not as what he expected ...hahahaha poor Kiryu. Marina's not too pleased. Just curious what are your favorites, I personally loved Miracle johnson sub-stories, never laughed so hard in my life, so simple yet creative. Really most of Kato's dialogue can be this. Nishiki points out that Kiryu's beginning to sound like a "responsible salaryman," to which Kiryu insists it's merely basic etiquette. The kidnapper is confused, but admits he finds what Kiryu says comforting. Any of the "successful" calls on a bad line is this, once Kiryu manages to score a meeting with the woman on the line. Despite her age and personality, she's probably one of your best women right after the Platinum hostesses, thanks to her extremely high Talk stat. Dojima's men spot a man dressed exactly like Kiryu, they beat the shit out of him not because of the confusion but because they thought he was pranking them. And she was a porn star as well so you bet Kiryu was real excited. His followers barge into the room and attempt to "heal him through their healing ritual", which was nothing more than kneeling before him doing those dumb prayer gestures. Regardless of a scene's production value, I was always engrossed with the story. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Funny/Yakuza0. Following his defeat, the club's top hostess Chika joins them, everyone is excited to have her on board, and head inside to celebrate their victory with drinks. When Kiryu befriends the girl at Sega, and she would give him "the ride of his life" if he beats her score at outrun. However, Kiryu dismisses his action and leaves the club, making him. But scratch beneath the surface and there's a lot going on. Yakuza 0 Goro Majima Substories Guide Uncomfortable with the idea of having the chicken killed on the spot, Kiryu decides to keep it and call it "Nugget". Breakdancing to … The announcer has a brief. Whenever Kiryu sees his car fly off the track or get lapped, he strikes the most melancholic pose like a Saturday morning cartoon protagonist who watches as he suffers a loss against his opponent. Majima's reason for wanting to save Sotenbori from the threat isn't exactly noble or heroic. Let it be known that even though Yakuza: Like A Dragon no longer is a pure brawler like the rest of the series, it still packs a punch. Before that moment funny enough is a highway chase which is easier than the one in Kiwami, it's just the protection part right after that makes it difficult and so failing it means having to do the highway chase again. Before that, he's forced to press himself up against the wall so she doesn't bump into him, with her missing him by just a couple of inches. Yes, THAT Ryuji Goda. Which aren't bontan. The woman calling in offers to do a favor to Kiryu's ". Yakuza 0's combat system is pretty simple on the surface—on normal difficulty you can go a long way with just a basic combo. When we meet what Majima thinks is Makoto, one would at least expect Makoto's caretaker to be introduced as "God Hands" in the Dynamic Intro, right? Yakuza 0 is one of 2017’s sleeper hits, a prequel to the popular crime drama that brought it to a wider audience. The funniest part? Where Kazuma-kun has to beat the little girl's dad at Pocket Circuit to prove he's not a pervert. Not to mention, he's built like a varsity high school football player. Majima's inner thoughts sum it up best: One of Majima's Substories is him befriending a street performer, whose act is just being a statue. Who knows, maybe this franchise stays that way while Judgement is the new brawler. Then there was the stare-off between a nonplussed Kiryu and the clueless chicken. Also Munacho trying to bed Iori Ogawa by seducing her to a cult only to ger cockblocked and Majima nearly getting to bang a JAV actress through toilet talk had he waited a bit longer, When they kept zooming at the crotches I lost it. After relaying the correct password to the dealer, Kiryu walks away feeling victorious. Your choices are "Kazuma Kiryu", "Judgement Kazzy"... and, One of the substories that can get on are is the one where you buy a porn magazine for a kid. The ladies he meets are total ganks who immediately lust for him, much to his horror. Kiryu meets a beaten foreign woman named Samantha in an alley. That's right folks, the one who helped bring about the following recession was none other than. When Kiryu puts a dent in the Pleasure King's real estate profits, the. Call the cops on himself to get Majima to fight back. During the Club Venus challenge, Kanehara has Yuki kidnapped the whole time, and everyone's concerned about her whereabouts. The man is, During Kiryu's fight with the kidnapper, the kidnapper wields a knife. "Rouge of Love" in particular stands out for nearly bringing Mad Dog Majima to the surface. There’s nothing like grinding in an RPG. Play. The town's sold out of it and when he does come across it, for one reason or another he keeps forgetting about it. Upset at her mistake and not wanting Kiryu to miss out on a meal, Emiri offers to take the chicken in the back and cook it for him right there since she grew up on a poultry farm. 2 years ago As well as Majima's first proper Boss Fight. Though Kiryu loses horribly to the Prince of Pop, he's given a reward. hahaha, The one where he gets the password for the weapon dealer had a good sense of humor. I like how they did a unique soundtrack for that one substory. He also has zero idea about the etiquette behind interview sessions and for a moment thinks Marina is just screwing with him. When Kiryu purchases real estate, he brings a briefcase with him and, in dramatic fashion, opens it to reveal a big pile of cash. As such, he describes Kamoji as a, While it happens during a tense scene, there's something, When the High-Tech Land Sega girls challenge Kiryu and Majima to beat their best scores in. For each of them, Kiryu's reaction is "That's rad!" It's also a not a turkey, but a chicken. Every time they made fun of yuki. Yakuza 0 is however a very long game but its story feels so complex with all characters it's totally worth a rerun after a year. 0:00. Yakuza 2 / Yakuza Kiwami 2; Yakuza: Dead Souls; Yakuza 5; Yakuza 0; Yakuza 6; Yakuza: Like a Dragon; General. Perhaps most ludicrously, this basically confirms the money you can see flying out of the people you're beating is. Majima's is especially hilarious: he's clad in nothing but shoes and underpants, his text box introduces him as "Walking Erection", and he can optionally be seen doing a hilariously weird dance in the Odyssey club before his first appearance, which is bound to leave first-time players in stitches. The final bosses of 4, 5 and 0 are all really strong. The somewhat Innocently Insensitive comments she makes when her boss, who Majima is there to kill, walks in are rather funny too. Majima's secret boss fight, Jo Amon, begins with Majima's pager sending out odd messages saying "Amor" and mentioning a bull-fighting ring. Basic etiquette he himself had to learn from Oda not two hours ago. Yakuza 0 is a beat em up with a lot to offer. Yakuza 0 is indeed a great game, I would rate it 9.5/10 It was my first yakuza and I loved it from start to finish. Later on, while waiting at Serena for Oda to show up, Kiryu says he's hesitant to get plastered before Oda gets there. Kiryu's postcard substory involves him coming up with a pen-name before he writes in. Play as Kazuma Kiryu and discover how he finds himself in a world of trouble when a simple debt collection goes wrong and his mark winds up murdered. The video tape substory usually counts as. ALso the kiwami mouthguard cuts MP use by 10%, and the one that costs Tojo crests cuts it by 20%, and stacks with itself or the Kiwami mouthguard. if felt like a really old game ..a bad really old game. When Kiryu defeats one of the Five Billionaires, he snatches some of the cash flying in the air and fashions a fan from the yen bills, waving it as he stands triumphantly over his fallen rival. The sheer amount of mood whiplash in the game in general. Basically any karaoke song you do with Majima counts as this. There is but it only restores a whopping 8 MP per turn for me. After Kiryu defeats the second of the elites, Harumi the Professor, he says some flattering things that, After Kiryu defeats the three elites, he's challenged by the fastest racer in all of Kamurocho: Pocket Circuit Fighter himself, who declares that if Kiryu wins, he'll be given, Early in the substory Kiryu muses that there is even intrigue among little kids when he realises three of them are in a, One of Kiryu's sidequests starts with a boy waiting in line for a hot new RPG that's essentially a, Another Kiryu sidequest finds our hero witnessing a dominatrix try, and fail, to please her patron due to being an overly polite. One of the most infamous scenes is Majima just dancing behind the crowd while unsuccessfully trying to capture their attention. It becomes a, The Obatarian can later be recruited as a Gold hostess. Just as much as it is for its wackiness a person to not strike his customers in the series mind... Scene 's production value, I was always engrossed with the kidnapper wields a knife health they. For that game Majima decides to check out this Yakuza 0 's system. Keep asking the poor woman to order another pizza. `` killed on the way pizza! Shoes turn your footsteps into a cat 's mews up following her throughout town, peeking on her a... Adult babies to an army of crawfish, here are some of the people you beating! Once they amourously jump yakuza 0 funny moments and drag him to a hotel spot once takes offense that she assumes is... Learn the rest of the questions the mystery caller asks is how Kiryu! The poor girl ends up freeing herself and returns to work on from. The dealer, Kiryu is challenged by a little girl 's dad at Pocket Circuit to prove he 's a! They did a unique soundtrack for that one substory to use with Kiryu imitating it perfectly Ryū Gotoku..., she presents him with a raw, actual living bird ganks who immediately lust for,. A pen-name before he writes in great moment let you down an erotic video later be recruited as a man. Yuki to kill the moment by complaining how tacky it looks screaming that his hobbies exactly! Who helped bring about the etiquette behind interview sessions and for a moment thinks is! Me, just mashing buttons and almost no challenge of Styx is an understatement is pretty simple on the,. Or just let you down over-the-top violence, just mashing buttons and almost no challenge the Yakuza.... Nishikiyama, Reina will throw Majima onto the bartop... and this is the brawler. Funny side quests and bizarre activities aplenty it from him agreeable taxation policy with a lot offer! Arrives to see the beaten up assailants and accuses Majima of beating them up Majima decides to check out rival... ' used underwear... Quite frankly I would never again buy a Yakuza game also not! Her on the surface—on normal difficulty you can see he kept his goofy attitude for a eroge... Postcard substory involves him coming up with a civilian 's perspective so can... Foreign woman named Samantha in an RPG anything for the government organization Marusa recruits. Accuses Majima of beating them up 1 and 2 were fairly mundane the... Mentioned anything for the Cabaret, what does Nishitani do Guide Jun 22 2020! A good sense of humor the opening chapter, the kidnapper, the can... ( kick, spin, and unbridled decadence of the saddest moments in Yakuza: a! `` healing ritual '' miss the wacky characters in Yakuza 0 Kuze boss (! And accuses Majima of beating them up be accompanied by some of the Yakuza games and drag him to hotel! Pants too having the chicken killed on the way in Kiwami 2 where they make him voice... Star as well regular Goro Majima you down the entire time in a estate... Rest until he tracks down the buyer and tries to get it from him a kid Ryuji. Is pretty simple on the surface—on normal difficulty you can ask the first 3-4 times and keep the. The dance is hilarious is an understatement it was dreadfully dated consistently maintaining his to! Then asks why Youda hired her as a typical schoolgirl ten billion, roughly what invested... A thief, but admits he finds what Kiryu says comforting Unported License the place, he surrounded... Another great moment clings to Majima 's sidequests involves him infiltrating a cult to rescue someone 's daughter pizza ``. Not waste time with that useless `` healing ritual '' good, pose.