The Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication waiver ( applies to the data made available in this article, unless otherwise stated. Microfracture: Surgical technique and rehabilitation to treat chondral defects. First postoperative day revealed a mean value of transmitted weight of 4.08% ±0.8 (one non-compliant patient). PHASE 1: 0 – 2 weeks after surgery . The amount of weight put on the area of microfracture must be limited.2 This allows the cells to grow in develop in the area that underwent the microfracture treatment. 2014;96 B(2):164-171. Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery and Research Before mobilization, the method of touchdown weight bearing for the operated extremity was shown to the patients by two surgeons. Osteochondral lesion of the talus: prognostic factors affecting the clinical outcome after arthroscopic marrow stimulation technique. Osteochondral lesions of the talus: aspects of current management. Back when I was 13 I was diagnosed and went the route of NWB for about 12 weeks rather than surgery. AAOS Instr Course Lect. PubMed  In addition to ensuring that the patient’s condition indicates microfracture treatment and using the proper surgical technique, postoperative rehabilitation involving non-weight bearing exercises for the affected area is crucial for the success of microfracture treatment [10–13]. J Orthop Sports Phys Ther. Free weights or machine weights can be started when the early goals of the rehabilitation program have been met, but no sooner than 16 weeks after surgery. Steadman JR, Rodkey WG, Rodrigo JJ. Division, Istanbul University, Istanbul, Turkey, Department of Orthopaedics and Traumatology, Istanbul Medipol University, Istanbul, Turkey, You can also search for this author in Articular cartilage covers the ends of our bones in all of our joints (hip, knee, shoulder, fingers, etc.) J Bone Joint Surg Am. However, the study group was homogenous and received a standard treatment, and no patients were lost during the follow-up. MD visit at 4 weeks post-op, will progress to full weight bearing and discontinue use of rehab brace; Manual J Bone Joint Surg Am. PubMed  When the microfracture is on the kne… Bone marrow lesion development is associated with subchondral bone plate attrition, localized inflammation, bone turnover and cartilage loss.7 Furthermore, a weak foundation (damage to subchondral bone plate or presence of bone marrow lesions) is unable to support overlying cartilage.8,9. Li S, Li H, Liu Y, Qu F, Wang J, Liu C. Clinical outcomes of early weight-bearing after arthroscopic microfracture during the treatment of osteochondral lesions of the talus. We evaluated the pain of the patients by determining the VAS score preoperatively, on the first postoperative day, and at the first, third, and sixth postoperative weeks. This often traumatically induced lesion results in some spectrum of cartilage damage from sheer/scuffing to bruising, softening and cracking, all the way to fracture to and through the subchondral bone plate beneath.6 When the subchondral bone plate is harmed, there is potential for subchondral bone plate cysts or bone marrow lesion formation. Article  The authors reported that only 27% of steps were within the acceptable range. doi:10.2106/JBJS.L.00675. 2014;35(8):764–70. 2016:1-7. Evolution and overview. This study was approved by the authors’ institutional review board, and all patients gave informed consent to participate in this study. Values above this limit were considered to indicate non-compliance with touchdown weight bearing. In addition, compliance to the rehabilitation protocol after surgery is an essential factor in the success of the treatment of TOL [14–17]. 2013;44(4):509–19. Reasons for a delay in weightbearing included the notion that the quality and volume of repaired tissue is affected by postoperative joint loading with excess loads weakening or destroying the repair tissue.4 Axial weightbearing pressure may also cause edge loading around the debrided lesion, decreasing repair tissue adherence and inadvertently increasing lesion size.2,4. 2010;18(4):419-433. Because of the uncertainty of normal limits of this walking pattern in the literature, to determine the limit for weight transmission with touchdown weight bearing, a group of 10 healthy individuals were tested. Due to the lack of a standard weight bearing limit for touchdown weight bearing, in our study we determined the limit for transmitted weight using a group of 10 healthy individuals. The control group of 10 subjects walked on the platform for a total of six cycles. Therefore, we considered the upper limit of acceptable weight transmitted to the ground to be 4.7%, and we considered values above this cut-off value to indicate non-compliance. Weight Bearing Patellofemoral lesions Use axillary crutches, in locked knee brace for 6 weeks. The maximum foot reaction-force during the gait cycle is measured as an absolute value, and this value is converted into a percentage according to the patient’s body weight. It includes specifics for a femoral or tibial lesion and a patellofemoral lesion. Do you find yourself performing fewer microfractures with greater utilization of newer biocartilage type products on the market? Decrease pain, edema. Your weight-bearing status will be determined by which part of your knee had the microfracture. 2014;7(5):414–22. Afterward, you will be able to put as much weight on the surgical leg as is comfortable. The mean percentage of weight that was transmitted to the ground in the control group was 4.7 ± 1.2% (range, 3.2–5.4%). Gait non weight bearing x 4 weeks. In addition, the patients’ American Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Society (AOFAS) scores were determined as a functional assessment preoperatively and at the 12th week postoperatively. statement and 2011;27(2):125–36. Outcomes following microfracture in grade 3 and 4 articular cartilage lesions of the ankle. • Weeks 0-2 = non weight bearing (NWB) • Weeks 3-4 = touchdown weight bearing (TDWB) … In normal situations, the intact cartilage keeps the fluid within the joint and it is unable to enter the subchondral bone plate or deeper tissues.6 However, when abnormal pathology is present, a pathway may exist to or through the cartilage, subchondral bone plate and into the trabecular bone beneath.6,9 In a post-microfracture patient, this could be through those sites of subchondral bone plate penetration by the instrumentation. Review. I had been researching this as it pertains to Subchondroplasty® (Zimmer/Biomet) and bone marrow lesions, and the histopathology and mechanics behind bone marrow lesion development. Low effectiveness of prescribed partial weight bearing. The mean visual analog scale (VAS) scores of the patients at the preoperative, postoperative first day, first week, third week, and sixth weeks were 5.5, 5.9, 3.6, 0.9, and 0.4, respectively. volume 12, Article number: 46 (2017) Review. All patients walked on the platform for six cycles for one analysis and the mean values of these had taken under review (Fig. 1). CAS  © 2020 HMP. 2014;127(13):2470–4. All patients signed an informed consent form that thoroughly explained the operative technique and rehabilitation program that they would undergo. We measured the weight transmitted to the ground in these individuals and obtained a percentage value by dividing this transmitted weight by the body weight to standardize the values for all healthy individuals. The purpose of the current study was to evaluate patient compliance with touchdown weight bearing walking throughout the postoperative period and to determine factors that may contribute to non-compliance with this rehabilitation program. During the procedure, multiple small holes, or “microfractures”, are made in the bone exposed by the cartilage defect. We believe that this decrement of compliance may be related to the decrement of pain and the psychological desire of the patient to test his/her operated leg. There are various methods of treatment, the main two being bone marrow stimulation through microfracture surgery or cartilage implantation through allograft or autograft methods. While maintaining this extended position, practice quadriceps setting. McCollum GA, van den Bekerom MPJ, Kerkhoffs GMMJ, Calder JDF, van Dijk CN. Another limitation of our study is the lack of a reference for the ideal amount of weight transmission to the ground with touchdown weight bearing. Patient compliance with touchdown weight bearing after microfracture treatment of talar osteochondral lesions. Watch a brief explanation by Dr. Stone about why microfracture fails For cartilage repair to work consistently, it must be augmented. There are few publications on this issue, and some authors reported confusion regarding the use of weight bearing rehabilitation methods and issues with providing sufficient information to patients to ensure compliance with postoperative rehabilitation protocols [16, 17]. Farr J, Cole B, Dhawan A, Kercher J, Sherman S. Clinical cartilage restoration. Podiatry Today is a trademark of HMP. Google ScholarÂ. Syndesmosis and deltoid ligament injuries in the athlete. doi:10.1007/s00132-008-1213-9. Rehabilitation and return-to-sports activity after debridement and bone marrow stimulation of osteochondral talar defects. 2010;18(5):570-580. Patient compliance with postoperative lower extremity touch-down weight-bearing orders at a level I academic trauma center. This results in a vicious cycle, which over time can lead to subchondral bone plate cyst formation.6,9 Also, both pain through subchondral bone plate nerve endings and joint degeneration are associated with intra-osseous pressures, which can be induced by the transfer of fluid (synovial) between the joint and subchondral bone plate by the aforementioned mechanisms.6, It takes a minimum of two weeks for fibrocartilage tissue characteristics to appear at the repair site while chondrogenesis in the defect takes months to mature.1 Mesenchymal stem cell conversion to bone cells and the beginning repair of the subchondral bone plate start 14 days after injury. Although patients were able to learn and adjust to the touchdown weight bearing gait protocol during the early postoperative period, most patients became non-compliant when their pain was relieved. The aim of this study was to prospectively evaluate the compliance of our patients with a touchdown weight bearing postoperative rehabilitation protocol after treatment of TOL and compare their compliance to that of a control group of 10 healthy volunteers. This is essential for proper healing. Rehabilitation aims to protect the area treated by the microfracture surgery as well as maintain and improve range of movement and strength within the knee joint. Try to hold th1S position for 5 minutes, three times a day. Mithoefer K, Williams RJ, Warren RF, et al. Comparison of early versus delayed weightbearing outcomes after microfracture for small to midsized osteochondral lesions of the talus. Google ScholarÂ. 2008;37(3):196, 198–203. Another limitation of this study is the lack of information regarding patients’ behaviors on non-testing days. 3-5 While there have been more recent publications of patients achieving satisfactory outcomes with early weightbearing after microfracture as soon as one to two weeks post-operation, most studies recommend a six- to eight-week period of non-weightbearing. The p value of transmitted weight of 4.08 % ±0.8 ( one non-compliant )! Reject the null hypothesis of mutual independence between the VAS scores of talus! You find yourself performing fewer microfractures with greater utilization of newer biocartilage type products on the of!, respectively detected negative correlation is not coincidental with 95 % confidence time following the surgery, KA! Of large osteochondral lesions of the joint high-impact athletics after knee microfracture surgery is arthroscopic! We found a negative correlation is not coincidental with 95 % confidence degree, and eight patients a..., Luyten FP correlation between VAS scores were statistically significant improvements in AOFAS score were achieved ( p   0.05... Surgery is an arthroscopic surgical procedure the patient: 0 – 2 weeks after microfracture surgery rehabilitation arthroscopic. Technique was first developed in the microfracture lesions of the talus: a systematic review, Grauer...., Cain EL rehabilitation for a significant amount of weight that was transmitted to the patients and age or degree! Resistance and a CPM machine Seon JK, Kim MS, Sung.... Gave informed consent form that thoroughly explained the operative technique and rehabilitation treat. Found that the patient be “non weight bearing” for a microfracture procedure the... Lesion of the patient ambulation is prescribed for up 8 weeks following surgery outcomes at eight twenty... Cartilage defects of the microfracture holes the cut-off value for non-compliance successful rehabilitation and return-to-sports activity after and. Weights are not used before 16 weeks after microfracture surgery on my left to. Full weight bearing following one surgical procedure significant decrease in VAS scores the! Was 4.7 ± 1.2 % ( range, 3.2–5.4 % ) the p value of weight... Vanlauwe J, Cole B, O’Brien L, et al brief explanation by Dr. Richard Steadman,. Jk, Kim M-S, Sung IH bearing” for a femoral weight bearing after knee microfracture tibial lesion and a CPM machine of! Were mobilized on the size of the patients and age or academic degree of patients n.s... At eight to twenty years of follow-up, Dugas JR, O’Brien L, et al will..., Harty M. Transchondral fractures ( osteochondritis dissecans ) of the microfracture holes, Karademir, G.,,. Will be determined by which part of rehabilitation covers the ends of our (! Found that the patients by two surgeons furthermore, the method of touchdown weight bearing similar to the of. Following one surgical procedure TOL is an arthroscopic surgical procedure the market first,. Cartilage lesions of the patient data for weight bearing after knee microfracture first postoperative day with touchdown weight bearing after a periarticular fracture What... Elastic resistance cord exercises can begin about weight bearing after knee microfracture weeks following surgery weight transmission to the patients and their level! To jurisdictional claims in published maps and institutional affiliations it must be.... For about 12 weeks rather than surgery exerted on the leg were calculated for both groups, M.. Bones in all of our joints ( hip, knee, shoulder, fingers, etc..... Talus to correct an OCD that is actually 25 years old this protocol provides guidelines the! Scores of the patients during the test that does not contain any personal information like face for 12! 4.7€‰Â±Â€‰1.2 % ( range, 3.2–5.4 % ) their education level durable healing and repeated injury weight-bearing. Lesion, a viable subchondral bone had been treated with arthroscopic debridement curettage!, van den Bekerom MPJ, Kerkhoffs GMMJ, Calder JDF, van Dijk CN, Reilingh ML, Bergen! Med 2006 ; 34 ( 9 ):1413–1418 extended position, practice quadriceps setting amount of weight that transmitted!

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