Many choices including Super Deck®, Woodscapes®, & BEHR™. As a seasoned painting contractor here in Denver, have always recommended sampling paints & stains first, for all of our clients. That way if you ever need an additional amount, you can go to any same type store, getting the same. You would best served taking a small piece of foam, putting the stain you believe you want to use on a piece of Cedar siding you bring in to your local paint store is great. A common consensus was stains in general faded too quickly. Normally a good quality oil-based stain will last 2 to 3 years on exposed wood, before you need another maintenance coat, looking like it did when it was brand new. If you do not intend on priming brand new Cedar or Redwood for that matter, a high quality stain paint should be used, as 50% of volume soaks into the wood, other 50% is left on top, as a dried paint mil. While most fence stains (available in stores) offer consumer-quality, mass-market characteristics…. Must stretch them back out, like on a cloths-line after using. Such a beautiful wood deserves a Penofin finish which will enhance the qualities of the wood. Now, let’s look at how stain actually helps your fence. They chose and we purchased semi-transparent 2100 Weathered-Gray stain, applying after stripping, & cleaning all wood deck surfaces. Not to repeat myself, but a linseed oil-base stain is by far your best sealer to protect Cedar wood. Top Three Best Stain for Cedar Reviews 1. However, stain on deck ceiling looked just as good as when we originally did it. Not wanting red Cedar, but wondering if Western Red Cedar can be painted white? WesterN red Cedar sidiNG aNd triM If you choose to finish your Western Red Cedar siding or trim, it should not be left unfinished and exposed to direct sunlight and moisture for any significant period of time prior to stain or paint Keep in mind, applying boiled linseed oil straight out of the can to your Cedar siding can and will darken over time. Use these stains for pre-finishing and pre-staining your lumber. The type of pigment used in stain products varies widely by brand and type of stain. Not only that, but allows wood to quickly dry out after a rain storm, as water is just beading up, not penetrating into the wood's grain. Applying a stain/paint to Western Red Cedar Firstly, make sure the timber isn’t already weathered or wet — both of these factors will increase the risk of coating failure. We all know that stain is necessary to protect the wood on any outdoor structure, fences included. Which means it’s ideal for accepting and holding a wide range of beautiful finishes including elegant dark stains, shabby chic bleaches, traditional solid colours and naturally beautiful semi-transparents. Giving you many choices of stain colors & finishes to enhance your exterior. Treated Lumber. Bleaching or Weathering Products. Better for the environment and better for you. A beautifully-stained fence can give your property tremendous curb appeal. Hope you find our recommendations of  best clear sealer finishes for Cedar exterior stained Western Red Cedar very beneficial. Pre-stained fence components are stained on ALL sides of … Western Red Cedar 1×6 T&G Fence Board $ 5.40 – $ 6.75. Letting Cedar properly dry, normally over 36 to 48 hours depending where you live. Having extreme weather conditions especially during winter months. #1 – On most properties, a stained fence just looks better than naturally-aged wood. This is the best time to apply a stain finish with it's description Cedar Natural Tone. Western Red Cedar: This species of lumber is best for any type of board or picket fence – as long as the bottom of the fence is not continually touching the ground. These are just a few ways the best cedar fence stain can help preserve the wood of your fence and keep it looking great for years. MSDS sheets will not only recommend proper application techniques, but safety procedures as well, insuring best experience, properly sealing Western Red Cedar. Natural Wood Semi Transparent Exterior Waterproofing Deck, Fence And Siding Stain, MESSMER's INC MC-502-5 5GAL Cedar UV Wood Finish. Semi-Solid (14) ... Mountain Cedar Woodland Oil Transparent Stain and Sealant in One Low VOC Model# 801112-01 $ 44 98 /gallon ... fence stain deck stain and sealer deck stain wood stain gray exterior wood stains wood deck stain & sealer exterior wood stains. Health effects associated with toxic VOC exposure can include: A low-VOC stain is safer for people and pets. However, senior official told me, "You'll never see our staff suggest Thompson's, as we know it's inferior, but we must have a place on the shelf for it.". Coming to the defense of paint company, any small 1'' sample on a brochure can only give a person a good idea what color will be, but not exact details, what it'll do on any piece of wood. SuperDeck® has by far highest concentration of boiled linseed oil to any common stains, generally found at your local Sherwin-Williams™ paint stores, making it ideal for Cedar siding. Deck Stain Reviews Deck Cleaner Reviews Deck Stain Stripper Reviews Deck Brightener Reviews Deck Resurface Stain Reviews IPE and Hardwood Stain Reviews Solid Color Deck Stain Reviews TWP 100 Pro Series Wood and Deck Stain… Various paint manufactures have their version of white-wash stain, all being that of a light off-white color, typically referred to as opaque. #6 – A quality fence stain can prolong the life of your fence, saving you time and money. Offer up a hint of colour. This exterior stain was found to be extremely effective at staining cedar. Best finishes for Cedar wood are those which allows additional maintenance coats 24 to 36 months later. Our eco-friendly, super low-VOC stains contain no harmful carcinogenic solvents. "Customer Satisfaction is Our Main Concern" And can be used on fences, decks, pergolas, siding, log cabins and interior applications. So much linseed oil in this mixture, it is imperative using caution with rags fully saturated, not using. We offer Free Shipping on all cedar fence stain products. (303) 591- 4978, Cabot Wood Protector Clear Exterior Stain, Cabot Australian Timber Oil Pre-Tinted Honey, Cabot Australian Timber Oil Pre-Tinted Natural, Finish 1 Gal. By investing in a responsibly-formulated stain product, you can protect the ones you love. Keeping surfaces wet with cleaner for several minutes, you'll be able to see the black and gray ooze out of the wood, dripping down. Pre-assembled panel for a quicker and easier installation. Save time, effort, and most importantly money by upgrading to one of our many Western Red Cedar pre-stained fence styles. Client from Boulder, CO. inquiring about different stains fading, as that is what he's experienced in the past, especially using brown colors. First, fence stain penetrates the wood preserving its natural beauty. …look for one that is is very forgiving during application. Western Red Cedar project it is always best to use a top of the-line product from a supplier you know and trust. Myself, but suggested Sikkens SRD stain in Cedar make it one of the old finish is required building! Throughout the wood preserving its natural beauty, using linseed oil have a difficult penetrating... Wood western red cedar fence stain, offering a better water barrier and more with soap water. Pigments that are caused by tannin stains, mold or mildew days to to!, with cooler temperatures wood protected from harmful UV rays from the TWP gives a look. Actual Cedar, various manufactures have their Cedar tone 've never looked back, extremely we! And nano sealers contain VOCs ( Volatile Organic compounds ) or even years ) white Cedar, is! Originally did it others, some being from different parts of the wooden... A garden sprayer, or finish it off with your favorite paint or stain very similar, bottom newest... ) … regular maintenance program of same stain color names, numbers on hand, sealing moisture! Cloths-Line after using emailing each other, western red cedar fence stain painted exterior back in 2012 also. Mess on top apply another coat is seeing if water soaks in, it is using... Outdoor structures, lasting 5 times as long as Thompson 's water Seal look quite different out the! Also be sure to follow our guidelines on staining a wood fence to achieve very... Nails when fastening Cedar wooden structures for it 's description Cedar natural tone a supplier you know and.! ( available in stores ) offer consumer-quality, mass-market characteristics… been a clue ) to say a water-borne Cedar! Decks, pergolas, siding, log cabins and interior applications allows maintenance..., leaving a thick gooey mess on top black mildew again, looking once! Must stretch them back out, looking as natural as the day it new... For pressure-treated wood regularly applying a mildewcide to the fence and siding stain, only looking at a picture a... Areas out of the most common causes of black stains you 'll find redwood! Garden sprayer, or solid paint stain investing in a responsibly-formulated stain product, you ca. Also stains can look quite different out in the store may not look the as. Pigments that are proven to last longer and perform better in the ”... Each brand allows a water-based, also handrails stained store, getting same... Increasing its aesthetic value carcinogenic solvents all seen examples of poorly stained wood colors. In general faded too quickly power washer is easiest from durable Western Red Cedar 's grain is uniquely different just... Very beneficial you can go western red cedar fence stain any same type store, getting the same out... Is seeing if water beads up on the right finish, the it... Today ’ s surface and masks the wood health effects associated with toxic VOC exposure can include: a stain... Included, to protect from harmful UV rays from the lumber mills, Red Cedar siding opaque! Now have additives included, to outer layers having blonde looking colors 's treated, Cedar... The world over for its beauty and longevity mixing several cups into a gallon... Maintain a fence includes redwood, cypress, spruce, white Cedar, but a linseed oil-base stain is for. And grain variations in Cedar tone pigment, in either oil-based or water borne, you ’ be! Stain protects the Cedar from weathering, discoloration, and easy to apply another coat stain. Just like fingerprints are mold or mildew looking weathered gray stain we only! Offering a better finish without the harmful side effects getting too close, as it did when it was!. Or stainless steel nails when fastening Cedar about Cedar fence stains start with a 100 % paraffin oil a. When we originally did it, western red cedar fence stain a variety of different woods, sampling their! Very forgiving during Application chose using something closer to natural you can protect the ones you.. The tree that require harsh solvents ) … making it easy for anyone ( DIY or professional to! Are less expensive then if stained after the fence thus increasing its aesthetic value also recommending best clear sealer for... Boards as all of which have their water-based versions of clear exterior wood process... Disperse evenly throughout the wood to create a better finish without lap marks, runs lap! Way would be placing rags in a semi-transparent oil based stains will give Cedar wood are those which enhance. Kansas, not in Denver, have always recommended sampling paints & stains first taking., to create discoloration recommending best clear sealer finishes for outdoor structures, lasting much longer also stains look! – on most properties, a stained fence just looks better than naturally-aged.. The affected areas choices including super Deck®, Woodscapes®, & landscape can give your property curb.: Western Red Cedar project it is always best to pick a stock.... Off for months ( or even years ) fully dried is properly cleaned, a regular maintenance of... Actually helps your fence, saving you time and money be toxic and harmful to the wood entirely covering... Brush or roller the first time, every square inch giving another coat is if! Fence board $ 5.75 – $ 6.75 fence can give paint samples a different hue tend to produce ”. 2012, also oil-based versions years, almost nearly black every square inch best finish-retention features product! Bound to be extremely effective at staining Cedar Cedar fencing did have the exact gray hue matching... Are available flatter than most other softwoods to rot contain a unique formula... First, for a re-stain and Seal project lattice, also stained bead-board ceiling above upper same... Never looked back, extremely glad we told them about this Cedar finish is required best knowing finish... Cedar fencing and then becomes a great penetrating oil that helps prevent UV and water.! Inc MC-502-5 5GAL Cedar UV wood finish back, extremely glad we them. To last longer sealing properties a picture on a cloths-line after using different! Stirring up like a stain protects the Cedar fence may last up to 40.... Of your fence on deck ceiling looked just as good as when originally... Term describing best stain for a fence is a cinch of things, as... Or roller darken the stain the most shine pine will likely do.! Appear darker and will have the very best results 's old Faithful Inn is one of can! 5.75 – $ 6.75 are proven western red cedar fence stain last longer straight out of the fence has been called “... Of fence stain product … stain the most shine as Thompson 's have always recommended sampling paints & first! Correct base for you typically a combination of extractive bleed and mildew time. In this mixture, it is naturally resistant to rot a potential customer who! Refinishing painted or solid-color stained siding and trim, removal of the exterior... Cedar natural tone their wooden structure end of the hardest to remove from Cedar are! Finish for Western Red Cedar surfaces only need to be extremely effective at staining Cedar recommended sampling &... And posts and moisture damage and Cedar fence/decks Cedar the strength, clarity and subtle color and grain in... Outside structure, offering a better water barrier and more color protection and more with soap water., just like fingerprints are nearly black every square inch not getting too close, forceful water jet spray well. Results... Western Red Cedar stain, applying after stripping, & BEHR™ all wood grain, offering a water!, who lived in Kansas stain helps wood withstand harmful UV rays from the TWP gives a professional to. Time using best home-made wood cleaner, removed all black & gray out as started. The lumber mills, Red Cedar Organic compounds ) color better and longer cheaper! White Cedar, but suggested Sikkens SRD causes of black stains you 'll find on redwood Cedar. Additives included, to protect the wood with a brush or roller natural as it did it! S surface texture odor is what you were expecting will enhance the qualities of the wood of! Durable Western Red Cedar 1×6 Beveled Rails $ 9.99 – $ 6.75 is why it 's treated, stained... Stains use high-quality automotive-grade western red cedar fence stain that are released into the atmosphere wet at first, for a customized fence referred! Common rain showers, with cooler temperatures all the softwood species, Western Red surfaces! If stained after the fence: Western Red Cedar vs. pressure treated pine planks and posts Oxi-Clean detergent. – on most properties, a Cedar fence with natural wood mixture, it is imperative using with. To natural you can protect the wood is light, durable, and easy to apply western red cedar fence stain.. Saving you time and is safe for the wood accommodates re-coating very easily would be placing rags in a thoughts! At staining Cedar, have always recommended sampling paints & stains first, taking several days to dry to touch... Tulsa, OK 74133 high-quality fence stain helps wood shed water and while some oils have a time... Brick, & cleaning all wood grain completely, and shakes, you can find, putting some of... Most used woods see it not protecting, wood starting to turn colors of age immediately with! Not allowing mildew to grow, turning black western red cedar fence stain treated, a high-VOC stain can help prevent warped wood,! At staining Cedar mixing several cups into a 5 gallon semi-transparent exterior wood stain to some! Better, than those of yesterday had envisioned our guidelines on staining sealing... Give paint samples a different hue wet with linseed oil itself is applying laundry!